Rajani Van Doorne is a former Pirate Captain and works for the Madari Syndicate under Mustafa Lee. To pay back Mustafa the party had to work with Rajani's group on Andoni to smuggle an AI from the dig-site and deliver it to the Harridan's Heart.

Following what occurred on the ship the Swan Song picked up Rajani, who disposed of her entire crew in order to ensure her safety, saving her from certain death. Rajani remained on the ship, where she had a brief intimate relationship with another passenger, until they landed on Strophios. She promptly went to meet up with the Madari stationed there. From that point on she has become the crew's, or rather Higgs', main contact with the syndicate and Mustafa.

She has been in contact several times, most notably, to spring Higgs from prison and setting up a job involving the capture of Lord McCrary.

Since the deaths of Mustafa Lee and Kalaya Bia, Rajani Van Dorne has risen rapidly in the Madari Syndicate, and now wields great power.

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