The creator of the first working spike drive in the time after the Scream and the founder of the University of Anaximander. Born on and raised on Anaximander, he reportedly spent his childhood in and out of the wrecks of pretech ships and his fascination eventually lead him to focus on learning the sciences and engineering with a focus towards shipbuilding.

Ramirez went to school in Anaxir City's Dr. Tiberius Crohn School for Academic Exellence, named in honour of the man who developed the original spike drive on the origin plaent, Earth. He went on to do a joint major in high energy physics and electrical engineering at the then prestigious Frois Institute.

His first experimental drives were created in the labs at his college, where after his graduation he was allowed to stay on and use the library and labs to further his research. By his late twenties he had a working prototype that lived up to the standards of those that were left after the Scream. His expertise was quickly snapped up by the then emerging Sunbeam Multistellar, who had been struggling to recreate the spike drive for the previous thirty years with little to no success.

Later in life after his development of his spike drive he expressed a desire to pass on the knowledge he had gained in various areas in his attempt to recreate the ships he had grown up in the shadows of. Unfortunately, during his time with Sunbeam, a Torino Scale 9 meteor had struck Frois leaving the planet in the dark ages and his Alma Mater non-existant. This lead him to found the University of Anaximander who's first campus was on the outskirts of Anaxir City. He worked in the University as a lecturer and researcher for almost three decades before retiring to his home on Anaximander's Moon.

He died at the age of 95 with a bank account larger than most small planets and more honorary doctorates than grandchildren.