Richardson Scientific Society
Richardson scientific society
by dspaceship by dspaceship
Homeworld Gunnhild VIII-C
Tag ScavengersWhenever the faction destroys an asset or has one of their assets destroyed, they gain one FacCred.
Asset(s) Assets Page
Force 3
Cunning 4
Wealth 2
HP 16 out of 16 max
Income 2 FacCreds / Month
FacCreds 6
XP 2
Last Updated After GM Turn #13
Richardson Logo

Richardson Scientific Created by JohnnyT80 [1]


Richardson Scientific Created by UnseenDragon [2]

A small, privately funded society focused on increasing the knowledge of mankind, based on Gunnhild VIII-C.

Known to have a small but incredibly well educated staff that works on many esoteric and practical research projects, for both industrial and purely scientific pursuits. The society has been contracted by many smaller corporations to act as an external R&D group so as to compete on a sector wide scale.

Recently Richardson has hired a small defensive force, ostensibly due to the unrest in the Gunnhild system, centered on Andoni.

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