Royal Family of Onintza
Royal family of onintza
by dspaceship
Homeworld Onintza
Planet Owned Onintza
Tag Planetary GovernmentThe faction’s permission is required to buy or import those assets marked as needing government permission. This tag can be acquired multiple times, once for each planet the faction controls.
Force 3
Cunning 4
Wealth 1
HP 0 out of 15 max
Income 3 FacCreds / Month
Last Updated After GM Turn #12

The Royal Family Of Oninzta [1] by ryannevill

Onintza royal family1

The Royal Family Of Onintza [2] by ryannevill

Logo Onintza

The Royal Family Of Onintza [3] by JohnnyT80

The Royal Family is the ex-ruling power on the planet of Onintza in the Vafa'i System. The family is of Japanese descent and was known to highly value pre-scream Japanese traditions.

Led by the Empress, the day to day demands of leadership were dealt with by the Shogun. The Royal Family as a whole held themselves separate from the rest of the population through an almost religious chain of command.

The family were not Onintzan natives and were described by various outside political commentators as "an oppressive foreign regime who have claimed military control of the local population". Their political power came from a combination of military might and economic force that appears to be supported by an unknown third party, as they have no visible means of providing either by themselves.

The Royal Family have recently formed an uneasy alliance with The Purity Initiative, an anti-drug lobbying organization on Onintza that fights the spread of Blue Fever.

They were destroyed while attempting to escape the planet by Oninza Libre!