Sector Asgard Sigma

Sector Asgard Sigma Created by Riccola [1]


Sector Asgard Sigma Population Density (only humans TL4+) Dark red: >1b Light red: 500m-1b Dark orange: 1m-500m Light orange: 100k-1m Yellow: <100k Grey: Outpost or non-permanent population

Originally one of many colonized sectors, Sector Asgard Sigma has been disconnected from the rest of the galaxy since an event known only as the Scream. This event has since been described as a massive psychic backlash, during which most of the known powerful psychics died. Asgard Sigma is the extent of currently mapped space, and is home to approximately 19 billion.

Some explorers have attempted to leave the Sector in the hopes of finding other cultures, great riches or incredible technology, none have been known to safely return from the dangerous blind spike drive jumps.

An interactive information-laden map can be found here.