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Shouaa is an inhabited planet in the Dávilo system it is home to over 800,000 people. The planet features a breathable atmosphere and a temperate climate. Fresh water occurs naturally on Shouaa which has allowed Shouan scientist to work on more militaristic endeavors such as Exosuits production and strike fleets creation.

Technology Edit

Technology on Shouaa is highly advanced, and capable of producing top of the line Postech up to Tech level 4.

History Edit

Shouaa was said to be a kind and peaceful planet led by the people.Due too their fertile lands and edible ecology Shouaa prospered with agricultural science.The government of the time was called "People's Republic of Prosperity".It had come to power after the previous government attempted to threaten the Caliphate with cuts to trade goods.Many of the Shouan populace knew this as a mistake and removed the party from power instead investing into producing more trade goods to bring about a better economy.Within the first years of the Republic reign trade boom and jobs weren't hard to find with the amount of farms and agricultural factories popping up.Life was so good that soon trade became less and less needed that Shouaa was very self sustainable.The military wasn't as necessary thanks to the lack of enemies. Research was on the rise as more funding was now available. Overall Shouaa had entered its first Golden age.However lack of trade necessity didn't just benefit Shouaa but struck a great blow against the Caliphate. Hoyveda housed billions of people and with its few other Arable worlds Hoyveda would enter a food crisis. However this as rectified when Hoyveda threatened the current head Councillor of Shouaa Kristina Burkov with an ultimatum Tribute or War. Kristina hard pressed by the Shouaa media and people decided upon what is considered the worst operation in Shouan history,"Operation Clear Skies".The goal of the operation was to used whatever remnant weaponry and resources left from the pror party to lock down the Davilo system. Production of Ground to space mag cannons were put quickly nto motion. Instead of working their family's lands many boys and girls were enlisted to swell Shouan numbers,and mass amounts of food was stored away in case it ever came to war. These great changes put the people of Shouaa on edge. The "Doves" pleaded for trade to be reopened with the Caliphate if it meant peace. ON the other hand "Hawks" deemed that people should have pride in the government that brought them the peace they plead to return too. Hoyvedan threats flooded the news as "shows of power" were becoming more frequent of the Caliphate. Finally on May 4 of the year 3180 Enemy ships touched the Davilo system. Kristina still running the council was presenting a speech to the public when she was assassinated by her second in command Dimitri Makorov.Police reported what looked like psychological strain to his mind may have been the cause of the dreadful loss. Following her assassination the public grew dangerous as war was now at their door.May,6,3180 was the day that would go down in history. Hoyvedan ships,having tactically removing all threat from the Shouan ground batteries, closed in and gave no final warning.At exactly 0800 the first crashes could be heard.Fire rained down over the Shouan populace. Major cities were bombed into submission by Hoyvedan air units. Drp pods came down at 1300 landing large bodies f troops to pacify the barely drilled military of Shouaa. By the next day the population of the world had dropped to a little less than 800,000 now. In the years following Hoyveda quickly established itself over the people and future generations fell in line with the Hoyvedan culture. Many of the planet's infrastructure was built over leaving only remnants of a proud people.Today there are rumors of a small political party trying to win back what was lost to them. This " Werewolf Federation" has  come along promising the revenge and life that the Shouan deserved and will give back to the people their freedom of belief and thought. The party is lead by a scientist who has also coined the term of the populace " Red Dawn" for the days their lives were stolen from them. Currently, they are the most military driven parties on Shouaa. They do not allow any information of their leadership to leave their inner circle and all people of "impure blood" are turned away, It is speculated that the Macfarlane ring is a large supporter of them.This is most likely just to boost their business of selling guns to even the most grimy of customers.

Due to the worlds vast amount of resources the Space above Shouaa is saturated with space yards and a space station called "The Eye" of the Caliphate.Currently many of the people of Shouaa are falling for the words of some new religion. No one knows of its origin just that it is becoming very popular.