"Singh Us a Song, You're the Piani Man"
Season 3, Episode 30
Air Date: August 11, 2015
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"Tunnel Scum and the Cyberdudes" "Purity Planet Protocols"
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Piani gets her eye replaced by an ancient, cybernetic one

Short & Detailed Summary Edit

The date is January 15, 3201. The party had just murdered six people who had earlier ambushed Piani Pic in the Vinayan Slums.

Erik Fretheim walks over to the enemies' leader and picks up his green-crackling blade from the ground, putting it away for later use. Piani knocks on the door of the residence that she had been told to go to, and in response she hears something heavy get placed behind the door. Erik then points a finger at the door and it explodes, causing the previously-set boxes to go flying into the room. The party hears a shriek from inside of the room and when they enter, they see an old man lying in the corner with a box on top of him. The place smells faintly of copper and cigarette smoke and after the party checks the place for any possible enemies, Alpharius lifts the box off of the old man and helps him get to his feet. The man brushes himself off and then says to Alpharius that he has very interesting cybernetic-ware. Piani asks the man if he knows anything about it and the man shakes his head and says not specifically, but that he knows a great deal about cybernetics in general. Piani then says that she has something that she wants the man to look at and pulls out her cybernetic eye and hands it to him.

The man spends the next couple of minutes looking at the eye through various lenses and microscopes. He then hands the eye back to Piani and asks her where she got it. Piani responds that a friend gave it to her. The man then tells her that it must have been a very generous friend because the eye is psitech used to focus psychic powers, specifically those for viewing the past and future. He then asks Piani if she is willing to remove her own eye in order to put the cybernetic one in and that it would only take a couple of minutes, and after that, she would be fully recovered in less than a week. Piani agrees to the surgery and after the transfer of 4000 credits and a couple of minutes, Piani's left* [Not Confirmed] eye is replaced by a cybernetic one. Once Piani is bandaged up, in a wheelchair, and ready to go, the doctor tells the group a story of how he used to be a reputable doctor but that one day an unhappy client of his got the doctor's license and research taken away. He then offers payment to the crew if they are able to get his license and research back. The crew then leave the doctor's house and head back to the Swan Song.

Pi walks into Alpharius' room and asks if he is getting settled into his new quarters. Alpharius says yes and Pi then asks if it is common for humans to replace parts of themselves like Alpharius and Piani have. Alpharius tells Pi that it is not common, but not uncommon either. Pi tells Alpharius that his cybernetics seem to be a considerable upgrade to his defensive capabilities. Alpharius agrees with Pi but says that if he had the opportunity to go back in time and not have his body maimed then he would do so. Pi tells Alpharius that people are not often nice. Alpharius then asks Pi if they knew of what happened on Andoni and Pi replies back that they do. Alpharius then says that it is not only people that aren't nice, but AI as well. Pi tells Alpharius that they believe AI to be a form of people, and that some of them are good and some of them aren't.

Not caring too much about the situation, Wilbur Higgins III sends a message to the Vinayan authorities asking about the doctor's research before navigating the Swan Song to the Vafa'i System. It takes eight days before the crew arrive at Onintza.

Note: This episode was short so the detailed and short summary are both the same for this one.

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