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Stavrou is a planetary system in Sector Asgard Sigma, hex 0709. It is situated in the extreme stellar southeast of the sector. Tovar is the only system in relative proximity, and lies some ways away to the stellar northwest. Stavrou is home to the planets Subhadra and Grimhild.

Due to its remoteness, the system has developed a reputation as a hub for smugglers and other outlaws but is otherwise of little interest to the interstellar community. However, Anaximander University maintains a research facility on Subhadra to study a semi-intelligent lifeform called the V'ad.

Planets Edit

No Planet Notes Moons
I Stavrou I
II Stavrou II
III Stavrou III
IV Stavrou IV
V Stavrou V
VI Stavrou VI
VII Subhadra Subhadra
Tech level: Tech Level 2
Atmosphere: Breathable mix
Temperature: Temperate
Population: 78,800
IX Grimhild
Tech level: Tech Level 2
Atmosphere: Invasive, toxic atmosphere
Temperature: Cold
Population: 131 Million