Sunbeam Multistellar
Sunbeam multistellar
by dspaceship
Homeworld Asa
Tag Technical ExpertiseThis faction treats all planets on which they have a Base of Influence as if they were at least tech level 4. They can build Starship-type assets on any world with at least ten thousand occupants.
Force 5
Cunning 3
Wealth 6
HP 0 out of 29 max
Income 5 FacCreds / Month
Last Updated After GM Turn #12
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Sunbeam Multistellar Freemerchant Leaflet Created by AndrzejZArt

Sunbeam Multistellar is an Asgardian multistellar megacorp headquartered on Asa that designs, manufactures and sells rockets, satellites, and spike drive spacecraft. It also provides leasing and product support services and has recently diversified into private banking and speculation having just bought out the Asa planetary bank. Sunbeam is the largest spacecraft manufacturer and defence contractor in Sector Asgard Sigma by credit value. Sunbeam stock is a component of the Asgard Industrial Average.

The company is renowned for its idiosyncratic communication culture both internally and in advertisement and customer contact, relying heavily on a made-up accent with features such as an extensive vowel drawl. Furthermore, regular reference is made to a fictional species of domesticated ungulates they call cattle. Sunbeam has also created the pop icon of the Cowboy, a fictional hero who saves civilization through his dedication to the herding of said cattle, and phrases such as "Aw shucks" have long made their way into popular usage. While generally considered highly successful, humorous and influential, Sunbeam's marketing campaigns have drawn criticism from media experts and educators for their perceived effects on children. 

Sunbeam itself has never strayed from fully committing to its humorous but fictional marketing strategy, claiming to uphold an ancient cultural legacy going back thousands of years.

The company has also drawn criticism from labor rights and environmental activists for their record of poor working conditions and pollution. Protests and strikes have recently ensued on Asa, where significant parts of the planet's oceans have been cleared for underwater drilling as a result of Sunbeam's lobbying efforts, culminating in the infamous DBD bill.

Sunbeam is one of the largest topics of study in the economics departments of many planetary universities due to their stranglehold on Asa's economy and their incorporation of an entire bank into their holdings making them an almost completely self contained economy. Their ability to continue growing as a company while doing large amounts of purely internal trade is one of the greatest bits of financial manipulation in recent economic history. It has been speculated that if the rest of the Sector were to suddenly stop trading for any reason it would take little effort for Sunbeam to make the necessary changes to provide all the services they currently contract out for.

Their weekly newsletter is "The Rustler" which contains offers and deals of various things.