• Adam "skinnyghost" Koebel as Game "Space" Master. Adam provides the crew with plenty of stuff to do while simultaneously representing the interests of a plethora of factions who all try to accomplish their own goals.
    • Adam also plays the role of Pizza Intelligence (PI) who is an artificial intelligence that currently resides in the Swan Song's computers and the robot body built for them by Piani, and is an integral part of the crew.
  • JP "itmeJP" McDaniel as Wilbur Higgins III, a con artist from Asa whose cons usually don't go his way. Deciding to find new opportunities, he hired the crew of the Swan Song to accomplish new heights in his criminal career. Higgins is willing to do almost any job, as long as there's money in it, which often leads to trouble for him, as well as the other crew members.
  • Geoff "iNcontroL" Robinson as Alpharius, a mercenary from Andoni. The majority of his body has been replaced with cybernetics, and since he can't fully control his voice modulator, he is prone to change accents mid-sentence.
  • Marcus "djWHEAT" Graham as Piani Pic, the crew's technician and precognition-gifted psychic with MES. Piani is currently on the run from the law, as one of her previous cons went terribly wrong. Growing up poor on Majid, she swore to leave her past behind and never again lack for creds. This leads to a quiet understanding between her and Wilbur regarding his often greedy business propositions.
  • Steven "silent0siris" Lumpkin as Erik Fretheim, a psychic like Piani but whom specializes in Metapsionics, Telekinesis, and Teleportation. Erik is a space viking who lacks charisma, but makes up for it with his charming Norwegian accent.

Previous CharactersEdit

  • Viktor Kovacs, a Xeno-Archaeologist from Andoni. Pilot of the Swan Song, Victor often provided another point of view on problems. Lacking the criminal past and combat training of his fellow crew members, he was prone to odd behavior in times of pressure, but usually made up for it with his wit. Started the joke of "Don't go crazy, or you'll die." He was killed on Elouahabu during the episode Victory At All Costs. Was played by Steven.
  • Prosper Trudeau, is a trained tactician and a member of the paramilitary group The Order of Annunciation, a religious order dedicated to the survival and evolution of AI. He left the crew on Cabral in the episode Illuminati, Robot Body. Was played by Steven.
  • Mr. Sicarian, a mercenary from Onintza who usually kept to himself, but showed a passionate side when dealing with things he cared about. Confident in his combat prowess, Mr. Sicarian often used brute force to overcome obstacles. He left the crew on Bazignos in the episode Story of the Dagger Wielder. Was played by Geoff.

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