"Onintza, threat level: ORANGE. Be aware that this planet is going through civil strife."

-Opening paragraph of the Exchange's Travel Bulletin on Onintza 22 Jan 3200

Summary Edit

Upon arrival to any system with an Exchange offices visitor will recieve an official Travel Bulletin. The Travel Bulletins are made and adminstered by the Exchange's public relations department and they contain a lot of useful information on the system such as planetary threat level, tech level, planetary classification , sector news and open jobs(legal ones). The bulletins are available in all known human languages in both text and audio form. In some systems the bulletins are also available in alien languages upon request unless the ship is registered as an alien starcraft or not in the register. All organization including other corporations use the categorazation systems created by the Exchange to evalute possible business opportunities.

Bulletins marked with threat levels Red and Black will be broadcasted all over the sector to make sure that no space traveler stumbles across a warzone.

Threat levels Edit

The threat levels are indicators attached to Travel Bulletins that give a general view on the safety of the system.

Stable [Green, Blue, White] Edit

Systems marked stable don't have any serious problems that would endanger visitors ot disrupt commerce. Most systems in the Asgaard Sigma are marked Green since most system in the sector are inhabited by humans. Systems with a significant alien population are marked as Blue and those with no sentient population are marked as White. Pirate activity in stable systems is minimal either due to presence security forces or lack of profitable cargo.

Minor Disturbance [Yellow] Edit

Minor level threats are things that travelers should take into account when visiting a system as a precaution, but things which shouldn't cause a disruption of commerce like industry strikes and ideological marches in major cities. Yellow systems also might have independent pirate bands operating in the system.

Major Disturbance [Orange] Edit

Major level threats are should be taken as serious threats by travelers and the threats cause a significant disruption of commerce. Threats to commerce (and personal safety) like civil unrest, meteor shovers, pirate fleets and corporate blockades cause the system to be marked as a threat level Orange system.

Warzone [Red] Edit

Sectors marked as warzones are in a constant state of war.

Terminal [Black] Edit

Terminal level threats are ones to be avoided at all cost: plagues or other pandemics, alien invasions, ion storms and biological weapons ground zeros. All spacecraft entering a system from a Black system are quarantined -without exceptions! Any vessels that fails to comply with a quarantine order is considered dangerous/hostile and will be fired upon by any forces occupaining the system. No official complaint can be filed against the defending party and the defending party can not be procicuted due to treaties set in place after the First Noxstrian Plague(see: Asgaard Sigma's First Catastrophy Treaty).

Tech Level System Edit

Tech Level System(TLS) is a categorization system developed by the Exchange to ease commerce in the sector and to give insight on planets' technological condition. The Scream blunged many high tech world into a stone or industrial age, due to the destruction of key infrastructure or lack of key resources. Those worlds that survived the the Scream with their infrastructure intact or have rebuild it to the Pre-Scream standards are marked as Tech level 5 while those in stone age are marked as Tech level 0.

Planetary Classification System Edit

Planetary Classification System(PCS) is another categorization system developed by the Exchange to give insight on a planet's ability to support life. PCS categorizes planet with the use of five parameters: primary type, atmosphere, temperature, biosphere and population.

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