"The Gang Tries to Sell an Eye and/or Genders Without Number"
Season 4, Episode 38
Air Date: November 18, 2015
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"Vagabond Adoption Agency" "The Slow Droid Penetrates the Blade"
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Business is ceased after embarrassing themselves in front of the Carswell Combine

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The date is currently unknown.

First ContactEdit

The scene fades into a blinking blue light illuminating Higgins’ face. With tired eyes, Higgins gets out of bed and answers his comms terminal. “You have a visitor, would you like them to be sent up?”

Higgins stands in the doorway of his apartment room, facing a woman whom he doesn’t recognize. She is wearing a blue dress with a white jacket over-top of it. After verifying that it is Higgins who is in front of her, she suddenly hunches over and brings her hands up to her head as if having a headache. After a few moments, a robotic-like voice comes out of her mouth. “The system recognizes the human known as The Con.” The woman/robot then explains to Higgins that some members of Luminary are upset with Higgins’ failure regarding The Plan. Higgins tells the woman that he told Luminary to contact Mr. Sicarian. The woman then shakes her head and tells him that he knows they can’t control Mr. Sicarian. She goes on to explain that his failure is being discussed and that his father isn’t going to like hearing the news. Before leaving, Higgins says to the woman that he isn’t comfortable with having Pi onboard the ship, and would like to know how he can get rid of it. The woman replies that she will relay Higgins’ concerns to the council. She then blinks and the woman who was once knocking at Higgins' door is standing in front of him again. Realizing that their conversation is over, she leaves Higgins alone in his room.

With recently acquired drugs, Piani and Alpharius arrive back at the Swan Song. Piani tells Sangh that she will give him one of her five vials now, and the other four once he accepts the package from the person whom is meant to drop it off. Desperately craving more drugs, Sangh gladly accepts Piani’s vial and takes the one-use hit from it.

The Final FrontierEdit

Many ants can be seen traveling to-and-fro as life in the crowded Chinese Plaza continues on. The ants are so busy in fact, that even at close-glance, you may only catch glimpses of the inconspicuous Swan Song crew. The ants aren't aware that in only an hour's time, a snake would come out from the bushes, and four beetles would reveal themselves from hiding among their midst.

Four people pay close attention to the woman who just stepped off her hover-bike next to the man known as Sangh. After a short conversation and envelope are exchanged, Alpharius takes aim at his pray. Unfortunately, he is unable to get a clear shot and the woman gets back on her bike and starts to pull away. Erik attempts to use telekinetic ram on the bike, but misses and hits a nearby shopping cart instead. Hearing the sound, the nearby people scatter, giving Alpharius the line-of-sight he needs to shoot the bike which considerably slows it down. Piani goes to tackle the woman off her bike, but instead, she catches the corner of a nearby fruit cart which causes cantaloupe to go flying. Higgins hears a string of curses from Piani's direction as he hops onto the back of the bike with the girl still on it. Confused, the woman uses her stun baton on Higgins, causing him to fall onto the ground, and continues to slowly maneuver through the sea of scattering people. Before she is able to get too far however, a second pistol shot goes into the bike causing it to suddenly stop and it's rider to go sprawling. Newly-invigorated, Piani rushes up to the woman, grabs her recently broken arm, and pushes it up the small of her back, rendering her immobile. Alpharius then walks up to her and takes her helmet off, revealing an 18-19 year old girl of Greek decent. Realizing that this woman is not the bounty hunter that was sent after them, the crew take her to the Swan Song for questioning.

A number of the girl's personal belongings are scattered along the Swan Song's mess-hall table. Namely, her photo ID revealing her name, Lauren Stevropolis, and a business card for the courier company, White-Hot Couriers. Lauren explains to the over-watching crew that she doesn’t know anything about the package that she was delivering nor the person who requested the delivery. She simply took the job along with many others from a nearby dispatch office. Piani and Alpharius arrive at the simplistic-looking dispatch terminal, and after prying off the outside console and doing some digging, Piani finds that the package was sent by a W.B. Hickok from a nearby local guns-shop.

Into DarknessEdit

Lisa Al’Nasir, a previous associate of Erik Fretheim’s, recently left her previous job working for Hoveyda and is now working for the Carswell Carbine. She looks to be around Erik’s age [33] and is wearing a nice business suit accompanied by a head-scarf and a pair of gold-inlaid glasses. The crew are currently sitting in her office which is decorated in contemporary indigo and steel. A rarely-seen bookshelf is sitting in the back, holding actual books from the days past. As her assistant hands out coffee to the crew, Erik explains to Lisa that, because the Carswell Carbine deal with psychic technology, she may be interested in Piani’s newly acquired eye. The woman explains that she is very busy, and that their request may take weeks to process, but after Piani mentions that they may go back to Doctor Singh to see what he knows, the woman's eyes gleam. She says into her comms that she would not like to be disturbed for a while, looks up at Piani, and smiles. She then quizzically asks where they had heard the name Doctor Singh. After Piani simply tells her that they had some run-ins in the past, Lisa says in a serious tone that Doctor Singh is a very dangerous man and that they should consider ceasing to do business with him. She explains that he used to be employed by the Carbine, but that they discharged him after finding out that he was doing some dangerous experimentation. They of course confiscated all of his research before releasing him. Lisa then gives the crew some paperwork to look over regarding the Carbine’s future investigation of Piani’s eye.

Pi quickly scans the documents and says that the papers give the Carswell Combine the right to any and all information that is found regarding the investigation of the eye, and that the crew basically get nothing in return besides the information that they find. Higgins and Alpharius then set up a meeting with Lisa in order to try and negotiate some better terms.

Higgins and Alpharius find themselves in a room surrounded by Lisa and six of her legal team as they begin their negotiations. Unfortunately, neither of them had prepared anything beforehand and both are exceptionally nervous. Immediately as Alpharius begins talking, he starts speaking in various, arbitrary languages. He then notices everyone in the room staring at him, and caving-in under the pressure, accuses them of laughing at him specifically because he is a cyborg. Completely losing his cool, Alpharius suddenly stands up from his chair, exclaims to the room that he no longer wishes to do business with them, and walks right into a broom closet [thinking it is the exit].

Instead of immediately leaving the closet, he stands in darkness for a good 20 seconds, and everyone in the room silently waits for the entire duration. Alpharius then removes himself from the closet, proclaims that it was a mistake that anyone could have made, and then properly leaves the room. Lisa confusedly looks at Higgins and asks him what had just happened. Knowing that there is no efficient recovery, Higgins also stands up, tells everyone in the room to go fuck themselves, and leaves.

Standing near a fountain in the lobby of a nearby building, the crew unanimously decide that they are finished trying to get the Carswell Combine to look at Piani’s eye. They will try their competitors, the Hoveydan government, instead. Piani suggests that they deal with the bounty hunter looking for them before leaving the planet.


Piani’s previous trap is sprung, and she gains the location of whomever [supposedly the bounty hunter] sent for the courier to receive the pictures of the Swan Song that Piani took. After doing computers, Piani fries the other ship’s computer.

The scene fades in on a dark-skinned man in a combat-jumpsuit. He is bald, has a distinguishable scar on his face, and is wearing an eye-mounted hologram-projection device. He is rapidly moving his hands through the air as he attempts to counter-hack his unknown attacker. Just before the assaulter overloads his terminal, he gains information of the ship that is attacking him, the frigate ship, Swan Song.

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