The Order of Annunciation is a paramilitary group rumored to be scouring the Sector for AI in the hopes of releasing them so that they can reach their full potential. The Order appears to believe that their protection and nurturing of AI is a God-given cause, publicly lead by the mysterious Odette Rainier they show up anywhere an AI is rumored to be and through the use of either their large monetary resources or the force applicable by their powerful military vessels cause the AI to be unshackled, if necessary, and released. These rumors do appear to coincide with a large number of otherwise unexplained ship losses.

Due to the large numbers of Neo-French members of the Order many believe that they are connected to the Neo-France Restoration Movement that has been the ruling force on Cabral in the last decade.

Known by The Crew of the Swan Song, through Prosper Trudeau, to actually be ran by La'Fantome, an AI, who controls the state religion and is the mastermind behind the government.