The Purity Initiative
The purity initiative
by dspaceship
Homeworld Onintza
Planet Owned Onintza
FanaticalThe faction always rerolls any dice that come up as 1. This zealousness leaves them open at times, however; they always lose ties during attacks
Planetary GovernmentThe faction’s permission is required to buy or import those assets marked as needing government permission. This tag can be acquired multiple times, once for each planet the faction controls.
Goal Intelligence CoupDestroy a number of Cunning assets of rival factions equal to your faction’s Cunning rating. Difficulty is 1/2 number of assets destroyed, rounded up.
Asset(s) Assets Page
Force 1
Cunning 4
Wealth 3
HP 15 out of 15 max
Income 3 FacCreds / Month
FacCreds 19
XP 0
Last Updated After GM Turn #13

The Purity Initiative (TPI) began as an anti-drug lobbying organization on Onintza. Recently the Initiative has militarized in direct response to the boom in the black market distribution of the latest product of the Madari Syndicate's infamous drug labs: Blue Fever. Led by the enigmatic Yuki Yamada, the group has declared the government's response to this "galactic threat" as "woefully inadequate".

In the Expanded UniverseEdit

The events below take place in the Expanded Universe, which is primarily the GM Turns Adam makes.

Expansion of InfluenceEdit

The Purity Initiative has been sighted outside of Onintza, though the degree of affiliation with the recognized political party and activist organization on Onintza is unclear. Members are often found in groups lead by a robe-clad "Purifier" railing against the terrors of narcotics and cybertech enhancement of the human body.

Seizure of OninztaEdit

In August of 3200, a vacuum of political power existed in Onintza's political sphere. Between the weakening condition of Onintza's Royal Family and the prolonged Onintza Libre/Pfotenhauer conflict, the the Purity Initiate seized defacto control of the government on Onintza. The transition was swift, but not without bloodshed, as terrorist cells were activated within the Initiative to "see all foreign invaders sent back into the void".