The Purity Initiative Assets
Asset W/C/F HP Type Attack Counter Notes Hex System Planet
Base Of Influence Any 15 Special None None InfoBase of Influence assets are special, and are required for purchasing or upgrading units on a particular world. Any damage done to a Base of Influence is also done to a faction’s hit points. The cost of a Base of Influence equals its maximum hit points, which can be any number up to the total maximum hit points of its owning faction. A faction’s bases of influence don’t count against their maximum assets. A Base of Influence can only be purchased with the “Expand Influence” action, and not with a normal “Buy Asset” action 304 Vafa'i Onintza 
Freighter Contract Wealth 4 Starship WvW, 1D4 None InfoFreighter Contract assets grant special links with heavy shipping spacers. As an action, the faction may move any one non-Force asset including this one- to any world within two hexes at a cost of one FacCred. 304 Vafa'i Onintza 
Mercenaries Wealth 6 Military Unit WvF, 2d4+2 1d6 InfoMercenaries are groups of well-equipped, highly-trained soldiers willing to serve the highest bidder. Mercenaries have a maintenance cost of one FacCred per turn. As an action, Mercenaries can move to any world within one hex of their current location. To purchase or move a Mercenary asset to a planet requires government permission. 304 Vafa'i Onintza 
Party Machine Cunning 9 / 10 Logistics Facility CvC, 2d6 1d6 InfoParty Machines are political blocks that control particular cities or regions- blocks that are firmly in control of the faction. Each turn, a Party Machine provides 1 FacCred to its owning faction. 304 Vafa'i Onintza 
Seditionists Cunning 8 Special Forces None None InfoSeditionists baffle and confuse their targets, sapping their will to obey. For 1d4 FacCreds, the Seditionists can attach themselves to an enemy asset. Until they attach to a different asset or no longer share the same planet, the affected asset cannot perform an attack action. 304 Vafa'i Onintza
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The Purity Initiative Destroyed Assets
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Asset W/C/F HP Type Attack Counter Notes Last Hex Last System Last Planet Turn Destroyed Reason Destroyed
Vanguard Cadres Cunning 0 Military Unit CvC, 1d6 None InfoVanguard Cadres are those followers of the movement inspired sufficiently to take up arms and fight on behalf of their leadership. 304 Vafa'i Majid #13 ReasonMajid attacked to defend territory
Last Updated After GM Turn #13
The Purity Initiative Assets Turn Info
Turn: Info:
Last Updated After GM Turn #13

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