"The Recap Episode"
Season 4, Episode 40
Air Date: January 14, 2016
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"The Slow Droid Penetrates the Blade" "Can Anyone Even "Own" A Spaceship?"
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Short Recap Summaries

These summaries are not a recap of the episode 40 show. In the show, the cast talks about their thoughts and feelings regarding some details of the past, and future, of the show.

Summaries only include up to episode 26 [for now]. Expect revisions and arc-categorization.

A recap for those who have already seen the episodes, or for those wanting only the bare-minimum amount of important information. If you want even less information, you can view the episode descriptions here.

Episode 1:Edit

The crew goes to Andoni and retrieves a package for Dr. Hiromusi Seckler. Mr. Sicarian shoots a military drone, the crew evades the police, and with the help of Randy, everyone is able to get off-planet safely. Well, everyone but Randy.

Episode 2:Edit

On their way to obtain the Pizza Party's spike-drive, the Swan Song gets boarded by members of the Black Aurora. Once killing most of the boarding party, Mr. Sicarian leaps onto the Black Aurora and kills most of its crew as well. When Mr. Sicarian feigns that he has a bomb, both ships land on a nearby asteroid. Viktor then crashes the Swan Song's cargo-bay doors into the Black Aurora's bridge windows and Mr. Sicarian jumps to safety.

Episode 3:Edit

The crew drops off the only remaining survivor of the Black Aurora boarding party at an Onintza Libre! base. They then board the Pizza Party, take its spike-drive, and un-brake the Artificial Intelligence, Pi. When they get back to the Onintza Libre! base, they find a Royal Family battle cruiser firing upon it.

Episode 4:Edit

After sending out a rendezvous message, 35 people of Onintza Libre! and 6 people of the Madari Syndicate (including Mr. Falcon) come on-board. The 35 people are dropped off at a nearby base, and the other six are taken to Frois. As a reward, the crew receives some credits as well as a couple hundred-thousand credits worth of blue fever components.

Episode 5:Edit

Pi's cognitive development software is upgraded and the crew accepts a mission from Dr. Omar Ibn Sa'id to take him and his equipment to his research station on Subhadra. When they get to the ship, they encounter four bounty hunters that are quickly disposed of.

Episode 6:Edit

Instead of finding scientists, the research station is in shambles and completely abandoned. The crew comes across a sealed laboratory door and decides to try and open it by turning on the power at a nearby generator. On their way, they exterminate a car-sized insect that looks to be a cross between a cockroach and a praying mantis.

Episode 7:Edit

In the previously locked lab door, there are many unexpectedly sophisticated pieces of science equipment. When the crew gets back to the Swan Song, three unknown people offer some much needed fuel at a nearby Madari Syndicate base. During the night, one of the men mysteriously appears in front of Piani, who screams for only a moment, before the two of them vanish. The crew quickly finds Piani in an underground cave system surrounded by her kidnapper and five insectoid creatures. Higgs gets knocked unconscious and one insectoid escapes, but Piani is rescued.

Episode 8:Edit

The party knocks Dr. Sa'id unconscious as he's trying to install some equipment on top of a tower. They then head for the nearest habited planet, Elouahabu. After failing a series of navigation checks and lacking a sufficient amount of life-support, everyone gets put into a coma and Pi is instructed to land the ship when they get there. Mr. Sicarian then wakes up next to a man who tells him that he can either allow them into the Swan Song to take the onboard AI, or he can be handed over to Pfotenhauer. Viktor wakes up in a small room containing the embalmed Dr. Sa'id.

Episode 9:Edit

As Mr. Sicarian and Viktor are escorted upstairs to Piani's supposed 'operation', their escort bolts and two men with guns appear. The men are dealt with, but Viktor is killed in the process (and is forever left on the stairwell). Piani breaks out of her room and kills a couple people on her way to Mr. Sicarian. The two then meet up with Higgs who proceeds to take revenge on the man responsible for the death of Viktor. After being chased by an unknown vehicle, the crew arrives at the Swan Song and meets up with members of The Order of Annunciation.

Episode 10:Edit

Prosper Trudeau formally joins the crew. Mr. Falcon explains that the Pfotenhauer Society and Titan will be on Mr. Sicarian's trail soon. The crew goes to Taxila Station to do a job for Higgins' old friend, Heather Monsay. Higgins fights with a VI regarding the death of the ship's captain, Viktor. Finally, the crew gets into a bar-fight that lands them in jail.

Episode 11:Edit

Once released from jail, the crew meets Connor Wu the mechanic who tells them that their ship isn't going to be repaired any time soon due to the increasing prevalence of the Purity Initiative. Higgins then meets up with Madari Syndicate crime-lord, Mustafa Lee, who tells him that, because of ruining one of his research stations on Subhadra, he'd like for Higgins to take some precious cargo to Andoni. When riots break out on the station, the crew gets back to the Swan Song and meets their cargo, a woman named Rajani Van Dorne. Wanting a mechanic, they also snag Wu.

Episode 12:Edit

The crew talks their way past the Andoni blockade and lands on the planet. Rajani then offers the crew a lot of credits if they can help her retrieve an ancient artifact from a nearby excavation site under false-alibis. The crew then infiltrates the dig-site, recovers the artifact (a sphere with metal appendages of which Piani believes to be pretech), and leaves without any problems. When they bring the artifact onboard the Swan Song, Pi's voice turns to static and the ship's power reboots. The crew then takes the artifact aboard the black battleship, Harridan's Heat.

Episode 13:Edit

After dropping off the artifact, the crew has lunch with the ship's captain. During lunch, the Harridan's Heart makes a sudden spike-drive jump and warnings of failing systems plague the speakers. The crew is only able to make it as far as the Engineering Bay before the elevator shuts down. On their way to the Swan Song, they come across a drone that they are able to fend off, but Piani gets knocked unconscious in the process. After learning that the artifact that they had brought onboard housed an AI that is now looking to destroy Andoni, Mr. Sicarian and Prosper head for the ship's core while Higgins attempts to bring the unconscious Piani to the Swan Song. Mr. Sicarian and Prosper eventually get to the core and are met by the large, liquid-metallic face of The Warmind.

Episode 14:Edit

Unable to convince The Warmind to cease fire on Andoni, Mr. Sicarian and Prosper head back to the Swan Song. Higgins and Piani meet with Ms. Mesa, and the three of them dodge some drones before meeting Mr. Sicarian and Prosper back at the Swan Song. After destroying some large maintenance robots, Ms. Mesa tells the crew that Madam Oubliette on the bridge may be able to help them stop The Warmind. Once there, Madam Oubliette tells them that someone will have to cut the fuel lines in order to stop the spike-jump to Andoni. Mr. Sicarian volunteers, and as he is cutting the lines, he is reminded of memories of his dead wife as well as a time where he had been responsible for the death of his entire squad. He finishes cutting the lines, but is too late as the ship approaches Andoni and The Warmind bathes it in fire.

Episode 15:Edit

Mustafa Lee messages the crew that Rajani is alive, and would like to be picked up from Andoni. Mr. Sicarian and Prosper traverse the fiery sea of Andoni's surface and successfully retrieve Rajani. While the two of them are away, Higgins and Piani meet Cassia, a member of Andoni's new government, who begs them to help shuttle away survivors as the planet doesn't have very many in-tact ships left. The crew takes on-board 50 passengers and transfers them to a nearby Richardson Scientific moon-base.

Episode 16:Edit

With a new job, the crew arrives at Strophios and meets Laura McCrary who tells them that she would like her husband (Lucas McCrary) to be taken care of. Rajani then messages Higgins that the Madari Syndicate is also willing to pay for the retrieval of Lucas, alive. Prosper suggests to buy Nika Starlight concert tickets under Laura's name in order to attract any goons that may be sent after her by her husband. While acquiring some tickets, Higgins obtains a picture of someone who had apparently also bought tickets under Laura McCrary's name.

Episode 17:Edit

Mr. Sicarian and Prosper go to the customs office in an attempt to find a reference for the man in the photo. Not having any luck, and unsure of what else to do, Prosper asks Rajani if she knows who the man in the photo is. Rajani informs the crew that his name is Constantine Fang and that he is a dangerous bounty hunter. Mr. Sicarian recognizes the name and says that he pilots a ship called, The Gacy. Higgins finds the ship stationed on Strophios and hails it. Fang answers, and tells Higgins that he will be going to the concert in order to kill both Lucas and Laura McCrary. Wanting to protect their employer, the crew goes to the concert. Fang shows up and attempts to shoot Laura, but the crew intercepts him which causes him to flee the scene.

Episode 18:Edit

Prosper feels the barrel of a gun against his back. Prosper tries to talk his way out, and when he mentions Mr. Sicarian's name, Fang tells him that Lucas is small potatoes compared to Mr. Sicarian and that he would like to have a chat. In drunken stupor, Higgins fires the sand-thrower at Fang as he is walking back to his ship, killing multiple policemen in the process. He realizes his mistake when Fang gets back up and The Gacy's guns all point at the Swan Song. Thankfully, Mr. Sicarian convinces Fang to stand down. Higgins then gets detained, beat up a little, and then released due to a call from Rajani. Afterwards, he and Fang set up a meeting time to discuss the surrender of Mr. Sicarian.

Episode 19:Edit

At a nearby Exchange Station, Higgins lies to Fang, telling him that they have Mr. Sicarian sedated on their ship. Fang doesn't believe him, but oddly enough, leaves it at that and says that he will look for money elsewhere. Piani then receives a message from a friend, telling her that Lucas' ship is posted on the black market. Piani contacts the sellers, saying that she's interested. A woman named Ms. Fate then messages Mr. Sicarian, saying that Titan would like to have a word with him. Unable to match his firepower, Mr. Sicarian proposes that he and Titan have a duel. Titan then promptly sends the message, "I accept." The party lastly upgrades Pi's processor.

Episode 20:Edit

The crew flies to Sigrid to meet the sellers of the Kafkaesque. Pirate Fleet Captain Saito gives them Lucas now, in exchange for them delivering cargo from Thoe in the future. While on-planet, the crew upgrades the ship's power, benching them for a month. During this time, Piani meets a nomad who tells her that, "The one-eyed god is watching you... Come to the well of memory and I will show you". When she arrives, she sits down with a man who shows her visions of Fang killing Prosper, The Warmind destroying Majid, and The Purity Initiative seizing villages on Onintza. The man then tells her that one day, the wolf will wake up and swallow the sun. Lastly, he gives her a cybernetic eye. Also during this time, Mr. Sicarian trains and becomes a member of an indigenous viking clan. As a reward, he is gifted a thundergun.

Episode 21:Edit

Orbiting around Thoe, Piani works on making Pi a body. Soon enough, 'The Improvised Exploratory Device' comes to pick up Lucas McCrary. Begging for his life, Lucas offers Higgins a large sum of money to spare him. When Higgins agrees, Lucas locks everyone but Prosper out of the ship's bridge and interfaces with Pi. Trusting Pi, Prosper allows this to happen. Lucas is then handed over to the Madari Syndicate. The crew then land on Thoe, and Higgins and Mr. Sicarian meet Dr. Graves, the contact of captain Saito's. He gives them Howard, a talking octopus, whom they are to deliver to Majid.

Episode 22:Edit

The crew smuggle the octopus past customs and arrive on Majid. Before handing Howard over, Mr. Sicarian gives him his monoblade with the word 'Howard' etched into the hilt. The crew then spend 3 weeks upgrading the ship's spike-drive. In the meantime, Piani acquires more parts needed for Pi's body. Also, Higgins meets Vince Pollard who pitches the idea of the 'S.S. Swan Song' TV show using actual footage of committed crimes. Higgins pitches this idea to the crew, but they quickly reject him.

Episode 23:Edit

One of Piani's contacts gives the crew a job to smuggle chemical waste to Vinaya. While waiting for the ship to be upgraded, the crew spends their nights at a hotel. One night, 3 goons come into Prosper's room and attack him. While struggling with the men, Wu comes into the room, grabs a gun off the floor, and kills two of them. Prosper then knocks out the third. After some interrogation, the man informs the party that Prosper had removed information regarding the Caberlese government from Lucas' mind. News to the rest of the party, Higgins tells Prosper that he could kill him on the spot.

Episode 24:Edit

Rajani Van Dorne informs the crew that she has 'a body' of theirs as well as an associate who wishes to speak with them. The crew get led into a warehouse room containing Rajani, Kalaya Bia, and Mustafa Lee. Kalaya asks where the access codes in Lucas' brain are and Higgins explains that Pi has them, but that it would be tricky to retrieve them. Kalaya shows Higgins a video-feed of Wu being tied up. Higgins threatens to blow everyone up with a grenade, and so as collateral, Rajani is sent with the crew back to their ship. The party then has a choice, to hand over codes that will potentially kill many people on Cabral, or to let Wu die. Mr. Sicarian decides on Plan C and goes to the warehouse with Rajani. Once everyone [Including Wu] are gathered together, Mr. Sicarian pulls the pin on a grenade-belt and throws it into the middle of them.

Episode 25:Edit

Mr. Sicarian gets trapped underneath the rubble as the building collapses. Just as the shadows begin to pull at the peripheral of his vision, the rubble from above him is lifted, and Piani is seen looking down at him. After a scan reveals a second life-form beneath the rubble, Prosper finds Wu at his last breaths. However, due to a lack of oxygen, Prosper passes out. With a pistol at his side, Higgins goes over to Prosper's location. Prosper regains consciousness just in time, and after a small skirmish, Prosper takes Higgins' gun away from him and tells him that they will be going to Cabral. It takes a month to get there, and when they arrive, Mr. Sicarian gets a message from Ms. Fate informing him that he has 30 days before his dual with Titan.

Episode 26:Edit

Prosper leaves the crew and reunites with his friend Alana Durant, and husband, Robert Trudeau. He then gets taken deep inside a cathedral where he meets his god, La'Fantome. While on Cabral, Mr. Sicarian acquires a nav computer from a Western shop, gains power-armor, and has surgery to better prepare for his fight against Titan. Piani meets scientist Giselle Hobbs who provides the last piece needed to create Pi's body. Higgins has a secret meeting with a group known as Luminary, who are a mixed group of powerful individuals throughout the sector. Finally, a fourth member of the Swan Song, Erik Fretheim, joins the party.

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