"The Slow Droid Penetrates the Blade"
Season 4, Episode 39
Air Date: December 11, 2015
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"The Gang Tries to Sell an Eye and/or Genders Without Number" "The Recap Episode"
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The crew boards the Fulminate Blade

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The date is currently unknown.

Brain PowerEdit

Thanks to Piani’s masterful hacking abilities, bounty hunter, Antero Bowman, is grounded until he can fix his ship’s fried computer systems. As the crew gain proximity to his location, they come up with a plan.

As Pi approaches the Fulminate Blade, they are stopped by a couple of intimidating-looking defense robots. After a few seconds of stillness, the robots part to the side and Pi disappears into the ship. Unsure if Pi's plan is going to work, Erik decides to come up with plan B and creates a bomb using the psy-crystals that he took from Pitcairn Station. After an hour without movement, plan B goes into effect.

Piani stays on the ship as Alpharius, Higgins, and Erik tentatively approach the Fulminate Blade. As they approach the guard robots, they quickly discern that the robots are inactive, and quickly walk past them. Not wanting to get close to the ship nor wanting to use psychic abilities on the crystal-powered bomb, Erik decides to teleport to the top of the ship. Erik successfully finds himself on top of the Fulminate Blade, but as he reaches for the bomb, two things happen in rapid succession. First, Erik realizes that the bomb is no longer with him. Immediately after, he feels the shockwave of an immense psychic explosion. This uncontrolled, powerful, tsunami of energy cannot be seen by the naked eye, but can be felt in the soul of even those without MES. Most of the people from the crowd immediately drop to the ground. The few people with MES cry out in agony as blood seeps from their noses, ears, and eyes. Psychically they are only stunned, but mentally they are assaulted by a surge of energy that is incomprehensible. Even Piani, sitting a good distance away in the Swan Song, feels a sudden rush of power run through her.

Spirited AwayEdit

As Piani stares at the drops of blood coming out of her nose, she realizes that she is looking at the water droplets of a nearby fountain. Above her is a clear blue sky, and below her, a blanket of green grass. All around her are people carrying backpacks, probably students of a nearby university. Piani blinks hard and returns to her room in the Swan Song; her vision blurry, and her nose still dripping with blood. Over the Swan Song’s emergency communication systems, Piani hears the sounds of fire and containment-breach warnings. After recovering from the blast, Erik uses 'telekinetic ram' on a ceiling-hatch and descends down into the Fulminate Blade. Upon dismounting the ladder, the first thing that catches his eye is the pool of blood he steps in. As he follows the trail to its source, he finds himself staring at the cold body of Antaro Bowman, ex-bounty hunter.

Piani is sitting inside of a classroom. The teacher is asking her something, but as the teacher opens her mouth, the voice of Higgins comes out of it, asking her if she is okay. Piani closes her eyes and says that she isn’t sure, but that she’s alive. When she opens her eyes again, she finds herself sitting at a desk in an unknown bedroom. In front of her is a man lying on a bed. He addresses her as Quia and seems to be upset that he isn't being responded to. Piani closes her eyes tight, and says into the open air that she would like Pi to guide her out of the room to where she can extinguish the fires manually. The voice of Pi comes from nowhere and everywhere as it guides Piani through the Swan Song.


As Erik searches around the room where the robots were kept, he hears the clang of the ladder behind him. Soon enough, Alpharius appears in the doorway and the two of them scout through the rest of the ship. When they get to the last room, they are met by the familiar, large, holographic, rotating piece of blue pizza. Pi's body can be seen plugged into a nearby terminal, blood covering their body. A large gash is showing along Pi's robotic head, but the now-showing smiley-face emoji is clearly discernible. Pi tells the two of them that they have lost contact with itself on the Swan Song, but that it took care of both Bowman and his robots.

Feeling helpless, Higgins meanders over to a nearby knocked-over shawarma cart and sits atop of it, the previous merchant lying dead on the ground next to him. To one side, Higgins notices that the fire on the Swan Song has been put out. All that can be seen now is a large trail of black smoke coming out of a large hole on the side of his ship. He then looks to his other side and sees Alpharius emerge from the Fulminate Blade. Apparently having taken notice to Higgins looking at him, Alpharius comes walking over. After Alpharius explains that Pi had dealt with Bowman and the robots, Higgins asks if he thinks the two of them could take on Pi. Not needing to think for long, Alpharius responds that the plan would not be wise. Higgins then asks if he is in a stealing mood, and walks over to the Fulminate Blade.

Higgins stares at the contents of a chest located in Bowman’s room. The chest itself has finely-crafted horses all-along it and inside are many of Bowman's personal belongings. Higgins finds himself an old revolver, but one thing in particular catches Alpharius’ gaze, and that's a moving photograph of prior-Andoni. Without saying anything else, Alpharius takes this photograph, goes over to the Swan Song, and places it in his room.


After receiving a few estimates, Erik informs the crew that it will cost 60,000 credits in order to repair the ship. Piani tells Erik that he is responsible for at least 85% of the mess, and Erik promptly says that he is probably responsible for it all. Piani reassures him, saying that it won’t be so bad once they split it up four-ways.

Alone with Pi in the Fulminate Blade, Higgins suggests ditching the Swan Song and simply taking Bowman’s ship, but Pi tells him that the Fulminate Blade’s computer is completely fried and that it is only useful now for salvaging. After a few moments, a number of the robots turn back online and come into the room that Higgins is resting in. Higgins asks Pi what the holdup is, and to have them start cleaning the ship. Pi tells Higgins that they would like to have a conversation, and at the same time, the robots point their weapons in Higgs’ direction. Higgins pulls his pistol out but doesn’t directly point it at the robots. He then calmly asks Pi what they want to talk about. Pi tells him that they have been monitoring his communications and that they are aware that Higgins is purposefully keeping Pi out of the loop by talking to people outside of the ship. After Pi mentions how they are smarter than Higgins, Higgins asks Pi who they are referring to. When Pi says that they don't know who 'Luminary' is, Higgins exclaims, “Well for someone who’s smarter than me, you sound pretty dumb.” Pi informs him that a lack of knowledge is not directly related to a lack of intelligence, and that Higgins doesn’t have the power to take Pi away from the Swan Song nor Piani. Pi then says that they don’t wish to be enemies with Higgs. Higgins then asks Pi if they would like to speak with someone who also has plans to stop the Warmind. Pi tells him that they would like that very much.

Status Report Edit

Crew StatusEdit

  • Crew:

Ship StatusEdit

  • Hull Integrity:
    • Ship has a giant hole in the side.

Criminal ActivitiesEdit

  • New Crime:


  • Credits Acquired:
  • Credits Spent:
  • Jobs In Progress:
  • Jobs Completed:
  • Debt Increased:
  • Debt Paid Off On Swan Song:
  • Current Debt On Swan Song: 942,989 credits (confirmed on "Week 39.5")

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