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Tovar is a planetary system in Sector Asgard Sigma, hex 0608. It is situated in the stellar southeast of the sector. Stavrou System lies some distance away to the stellar southeast, Gunnhild to the stellar northwest, and Stasi and Geaxi to the stellar north and northeast respectively.

Tovar is home to only one inhabited planet, Elouahabu, which has a population of over 6 billion sentients and is categorised as Tech Level 3. While its technological capabilities greatly limits traffic to and from Tovar, Elouahabu maintains a notable history of tradings with the greater stellar community.

Planets Edit

No Planet Notes Moons
I Tovar I
II Tovar II
IV Tovar IV
V Tovar V
VI Tovar VI
VII ElouahabuWashed Elouahabu
Tech level: Tech Level 3
Atmosphere: Breathable mix
Temperature: Temperate
Population: 6.11 Billion