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Vafa'i is a densely populated planetary system in Sector Asgard Sigma, hex 0304. It is bordered by Anaiansi to the stellar northeast, while Varvaressos is some distance to the south and Eneka, Laodice and Hlif are located to the Northwest.

Three inhabited planets can be found in Vafa'i: Onintza, home to the influential Royal Family of Onintza, Frois and Majid, home to the Majid Mandarinate. The system has seen quite a lot of unrest recently, including a bloodless coup on Majid that put the Mandarinate in power and a civil war on Onintza.

Frois was the first settled of the planets in this system and was originally en route to become a major centre for industry before being hit by a large meteor, sending the populace back to the stone age technologically. Since the disaster it has been avoided by most due to its lack of useful technology.

Planets Edit

No Planet Notes Moons
I Vafa'i I
II Vafa'i II
III Vafa'i III
IV Vafa'i IV
V Majid by Markwester Majid
Tech level: Tech Level 4
Atmosphere: Breathable mix
Temperature: Temperate
Population: 83 Million
VI Vafa'i VI
VII Frois
Tech level: Tech Level 2
Atmosphere: Breathable mix
Temperature: Temperate
Population: 30,800
VIII Onintza
Tech level: Tech Level 5
Atmosphere: Breathable mix
Temperature: Temperate
Population: 392,000