Viktor Kovacs
Viktor kovacs cu
Viktor's Room by SteveNoble197
Class Expert
Race Human
Homeworld Andoni
Other Attributes
Hit Points 7
Level 2
Experience 2,625 / 3,000
Strength 15 (+1)
Dexterity 9
Constitution 9
Intelligence 14 (+1)
Wisdom 8
Charisma 14 (+1)

Viktor Kovacs [Deceased] was a character played by Steven "Silent0siris" Lumpkin.



  • Woven Body Armour - Woven body armor is composed of assorted composites, plastics, and ceramic inserts. While bulky and cumbersome, it is effective armor under most circumstances and the armor of choice for tech level 3 worlds.
  • Semi-automatic Pistol - Semi-automatic pistols trade some of the reliability of the revolver for a larger magazine size. They tend to be the favorite sidearm for locals on planets that lack the harsh conditions or uncertain maintenance opportunities of a frontier world.

Other gear

Backpack   Bioscanner   Lazarus Patch (x2)  Medkit (x2)  Survival Kit  



  • He comes from the planet Andoni. Once was a Biotech crew, before gaining training in Xenoarchaeology and can be found in his laboratory dissecting something or translating an ancient language. Build is tall, tan, well-muscled, buzz cut military style, wears glasses. Before joining the crew he also stole some trade-secrets from his previous job on Andoni.
  • Class Special Ability: Like A Charm
    • Once per real-time hour, the player character can re-roll a failed skill check.

Before Joining the Crew of the Swan Song

  • Background: Biotech Crew
    • A lot can go wrong in space, and few problems are as immediately lethal as a breakdown in a ship’s life support systems. Biotechs not only serve as medical crew but are also responsible for maintaining and repairing the ship’s life support.
  • Profession: Xenoarcheologist
    • The galaxy is full of the echoes of former sentient species, and the Xenoarchaeologist is trained in unearthing their secrets. The ruins of these ancient races are often quite dangerous for humans, and more than one Xenoarchaeologist has been forced to defend their dig site against the depredations of more profit-minded scavengers.


Combat/Projectile (+0)
Use of mechanically-powered weaponry such as crossbows, pistols, rifles, and the like.
Culture/Spacer (+1)
The character knows the traditions and customs of interstellar spacefarers and deep-space colonists. They are comfortable in zero-g environments, and can identify ships and astronautic equipment.
History (+0)
The character has training in galactic history and can identify worlds, events, and people of historical importance.
Language (+0)
The character speaks additional languages. At each level, the character learns a number of new languages equal to the skill’s level plus one. Thus, at level 0, they learn one new language, at level 1, they learn two new languages, and so forth.
Perception (+0)
The character has keen senses, and is often able to notice details or hidden objects that elude other people
Persuade (+1)
The character has a knack for convincing others of the truth and sincerity of their words.
Science (+0)
The character is a trained scientist and capable of operating laboratory equipment, conducting research, and developing new technology. This skill covers all conventional scientific applications, but actually building or repairing objects requires the Tech skill.
Tech/Astronautic (+1)
Anything on or related to spacecraft comes under the astronautic heading, including spike drives, life support systems, and ship gunnery.
Tech/Medical (+0)
Surgery, first aid, disease treatment, cybernetics, and biological utility organisms.
Vehicle/Space (+0)
This skill is for the operation or flight of spacecraft and transorbital vehicles.

Fan-Created Images


  • June 19th, 3200. Planet Elouahabu, Tovar system. Shot by Elouahabu Planetary Defense Force security operatives while under the capture of one "Agent Meyer".
  • Fell down stairs immediately after.


Notable Feats and Kills

  • Against the Odds, for a While - 22 Jan 3200: Managed to successfully hold out against a significantly stronger ship for several barrages before being struck across the hull and taking significant armor damage.

Kill count

  • 1 Space Miner
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