" Reclamation Through Flame "

- catchphrase of Werewolf Federation Propaganda

The Werewolf Federation is a rebel party of the planet of Shouaa they rose to power after the "Red Dawn" event . The party is lead by Intellectual of Russian descent and maintain a well received prescience from many of the Shouan people. The Federation have made their future reforms known in the hopes of bringing the true government back to power. While many say they are trying to indoctrinate the people they see it as "Purifying the land and opening the minds of Mother Shouaa's children"

The Federation is broken down into three divisions spreading the infrastructure of the planet . The first is the Division of Change where all resource excavation and food growth and distribution throughout the cities scoured across shouaa. The Second is The Division of the Wolf involved in all military and espionage operation that happen on planet shouaa. They also regulate and control the amount of weaponry built for the security of their planet an upcoming endeavors. Finally there is the Division of Enlightenment they watch over and control the other two divisions and also watch over what scientific projects are being undergone by the college scientist and government scientist of Shouaa.

Policy: The federation does not hold their people hostage should any Shouan wants to leave to the vast space beyond they are allowed to but they will no longer be considered pure shouan they will be called Zabludshikh or " The Lost Ones " and they will not receive the full rights of the law that all shouan receive while on shouaa. They will also not be spared should they run into problems with the Federation committing a crime against the Federation is punishable by Reeducation or Death these are the only choices given and both are equal in its mental and physical trauma.

Education: All children are taught about "Red Dawn" and the trauma it brought they are taught to remember and never forget the people who died giving them the life they have now. The focus of Federation school is to train the mind and body they relish in keeping there next generation strong whether it be mentally or physically they look for perfection. Federation college can only be pursued by military, Agricultural,and Science majors which include a variety of classes to build off there initial education.They are taught that they were not born better but have the potential to be better and by not chasing perfection you only hinder yourself. With this many children would be "indoctrination" as some call it 55% of all students would enter college for a major but Graduation rates are around estimated to be 32%.

Military: The military of the federation can only be described in one word "Order" all soldiers are trained to follow orders when asked but they are not meant to be robots should a opportunity arise that would benefit the federation they are to use their best judgement and make a call.The federation wishes to make soldiers that think,but only in line for the benefit of the people.