Wilbur Higgins III
Wilbur higgins iii cu
Higgs' Room by SteveNoble197 [16]
Class Expert
Race Human
Homeworld Asa
Other Attributes
Hit Points 24
Level 4
Experience 10,390 / 12,000
Strength 13
Dexterity 7 (-1)
Constitution 8
Intelligence 11
Wisdom 7 (-1)
Charisma 14 (+1)

Wilbur Higgins III is a character played by JP "itmeJP" McDaniel



  • Combat Field Uniform Expression error: Unexpected < operator. - Combat field uniforms are the standard tech level 4 combat dress for military units and elite security squads. A metaplast overlay on sintered microceramic plates, it absorbs impacts, thermal shocks, and shearing blows very well, while being substantially lighter than woven body armor.
  • Laser Pistol Expression error: Unexpected < operator. - Laser pistols and laser rifles are the most common type of energy weapon. The phased multi-frequency beam is capable of penetrating any ordinary mist or haze, but a thick cloud of thermally-resistant particulate matter such as ash or sand can seriously degrade the beam.
  • Stun Baton Expression error: Unexpected < operator. - Stun batons are popular among the police forces of most technically advanced worlds, using impact to trigger a discharge of non-lethal electricity. A Type A power cell will fuel a stun baton for up to forty successful hits. The batons themselves are flexible and ineffective as bludgeons. A target brought to 0 hit points by a stun baton is rendered unconscious rather than dead, and will recover any hit points lost to the baton within an hour. Batons can be used to kill, but requires extensive beating of an already-unconscious target.

Other gearEdit

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Trophies and GiftsEdit

  • Higgs acquired the Stun Baton in a fight with its previous owner, a bounty hunter attempting to cash in on Higgs. He's kept it ever since.
  • Richardson Scientific OSD - During the crews time on Subhadra, Higgs managed to pull some drives from the research facility in hopes of cashing in on the disks contents. Though it isn't known if he's done so, that hasn't stopped him from pocketing the hardware.
  • Madari Bomber Jacket - Originally belonging to Nickiel, Higgs took it for himself after attempting to loot the Madari station on Subhadra, and found nothing of significant value. While it provides no known AC bonus, it's said to be quite stylish.



  • He originates from the planet Asa. He is a con artist who has many names, but to the people who know him personally they call him Higgs or Higgins. He is used to hopping planets, as his cons most of the time do not go his way. Higgins acts as the captain of the Swan Song and officially was the one who brought together the group. He is usually in an inebriated state of varying degrees depending on how much access he has to alcohol.

Before Joining the Crew of the Swan SongEdit

  • Class Special Ability: Like A Charm
    • Once per real-time hour, the player character can re-roll a failed skill check.
  • Profession: Con Artist
    • Some thieves get what they want with a gun, but others find it easier with a kind word and a smile. Con artists are wise to keep moving ahead of their angry marks, but the trip can be an enjoyable one.
  • Profession: Bounty Hunter
    • With the option of off world flight existing for certain criminals, it’s not uncommon for planetary governments to employ significant numbers of bounty hunters to track down their most notorious fugitives. For these bounty hunters, actually overcoming the target is the easiest part of the job; it’s finding them that requires effort.

Possible lies toldEdit

Wilbur is constantly lying, and often seems to not even know whether his own lies are true or not.

  • He learned everything he knows from an old pirate captain named Captain Buford that betrayed him
    • This seems to be partly true after the audience meets the Luminary.
  • His accent is possibly fake. When the Luminary met in "Illuminati, Robot Body,", his father mentioned how awful his accent sounded, and Wilbur responded saying he liked it after that one job.

Skills Edit

Combat/Energy Weapons Expression error: Unexpected < operator.
Use of high-tech weaponry that relies on energy emissions such as lasers or plasma.
Combat/Unarmed Expression error: Unexpected < operator.
Weaponless combat techniques. Unlike other forms of weaponry, a practitioner of unarmed combat can add their Combat/Unarmed skill to the damage roll as well as the hit roll. Characters with Unarmed-2 expertise are so good that they can even injure targets in powered armor and other gear that would otherwise prevent effective Unarmed attacks.
Culture/Asa Expression error: Unexpected < operator.
Knowledge Asa's society, government, tech level, and laws.

Culture/World: This specialty must be taken individually for each specific world, and relates to knowledge of that world’s society, government, tech level, and laws. Level 0 in this skill also grants basic proficiency in that world’s most common language if the character is not already proficient in it.

Culture/Criminal (+1)
The character is familiar with criminal subcultures and the protocols for dealing with black markets and underground organizations.
Navigation (+1)
The character can navigate using compasses, astronomic readings, dead reckoning, or other tools. At level 0, this skill is sufficient to navigate on a planet’s surface, but at least level 1 is required in order to navigate a starship through a successful spike drive drill.
Persuade (+1)
The character has a knack for convincing others of the truth and sincerity of their words.
Stealth (+1)
The character knows how to move silently, conceal their presence in shadows, and avoid notice.
Survival Expression error: Unexpected < operator.
The character is trained in survival techniques for subsisting in hostile environments with minimal supplies. Assuming that the world itself isn’t inimical to human life, they can usually find food and water even in harsh conditions.
Tactics Expression error: Unexpected < operator.
The character is familiar with small unit tactics. They can set up and recognize ambushes, maneuver troops effectively in combat, and set up fighting positions sensibly. In the absence of Tactics skill, Leadership skill tends to produce only glorious defeats.
Vehicle/Grav Expression error: Unexpected < operator.
Antigrav vehicles such as are found on most modern frontier worlds.
Vehicle/Space Expression error: Unexpected < operator.
This skill is for the operation or flight of spacecraft and transorbital vehicles.

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  • Hates his first name 'Wilbur'.
  • Influenced by Han Solo from Star Wars, and the idea of a cowboy.
  • Aliases: Higgs, Nathan Benjamin Farmer, Jebediah, Jeb and more.


Notable Feats and KillsEdit

  • Better Lease - Dec 3199: Managed to get a better deal for the Swan Song.
  • Cold Blooded Murder - Jan 3200: Killed Randy for no apparent reason.
  • It's a... - 22 Jan 3200: Managed to lure 5 pirates into a trap aboard the Swan Song.
  • Crime Stopper - 25 Jun 3200: Stopped the vandalism of the Swan Song
  • Holding the Fuse - 1 Nov 3200: Defused a charged situation with the threat of ten live grenades.

Kill countEdit

  • Randy
  • Agent Meyer
  • 1 Purity Initiative Monk
  • 5-12 Strophios Police Officers
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