Ximinez Shipyards
Ximinez shipyards
by dspaceship
Homeworld Andoni
Tag Technical ExpertiseThis faction treats all planets on which they have a Base of Influence as if they were at least tech level 4. They can build Starship-type assets on any world with at least ten thousand occupants.
Force 4
Cunning 1
Wealth 3
HP 0 out of 15 max
Income 3 FacCreds / Month
Last Updated After GM Turn #12
Logo Ximinez

Ximinez Shipyards Created by JohnnyT80 [1]


Ximinez Shipyards Created by UnseenDragon [2]

A new ship building corporation that is attempting to go into direct competition with Sunbeam Multistellar Corporation. Currently looking for a planet to base themselves on, with their only large scale contract to date with the Andonian Cultural Protection Force.

Some groups have shown disbelief towards the incredibly irresponsible move of providing all of their current stock of star ships to a single debtor on credit, which anyone with a little business acumen could tell is a dangerous move.

"The only reason I could see for taking such a risk is that the Andonians have offered something incredible in return. Whether the return is a pretech artifact or some as yet unheard of resource I cannot say, but unless Ximinez financial staff are completely insane or incompetent their can be no other explanation."

--Rachel al Muahim, Head Lecturer in Economics at the University of Anaximander